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About The Company

Alfaqih Group is a family owned private company and one of the most versatile fruit and vegetable producers and wholesalers in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Since our foundation in
1989, we have evolved from a small company to a one of the leading companies in the kingdom of Jordan.

Our groups includes:
Ismail Alfaqih Company for importing, exporting and packaging fresh fruits and vegetables
Alhelal Alakhdar Company for local vegetables and fruits trading
Farms in various regions of the Kingdom

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Our Farms

We own several farms in different regions of the kingdom, where crops are planted in fresh air environments

Project 1

Farm 1

Location: located in north of Jordan in Al-Mafraq’s valleys
Height: between 600-1000 m above sea level
Temperature: 26-38 °C
Water supply: Ground wells
Production period: May till December
Size: 500,000 m²
Crops: Fruits only

Project 1

Farm 2

Location: located in mid east of Jordan in Jordan valleys (Gawr)
Height: between 150-400 m below sea level
Temperature: 20-34°C
Water supply: Jordan river
Production period: September till May
Size: varies between 50,000-200,000 m²
Crops: Fruits and vegetables

Project 1

Farm 3

Location: located in south of Jordan in At-Tafilah and Shobak valleysHeight: between 1200-1500m above sea levelTemperature: 18-32°CWater supply: Ground wellsProduction period: July till DecemberSize: 900,000 m²Crops: Fruits and vegetables

Our Quality and Priorities


Committing to our
vision of the cycle of freshness


Preserving our product by using
ecological pesticides and fertilizers

High quality

Producing high quality
products with the finest shape and taste

Happy Customer
Compliance with
the rules and conditions


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Our Team

Ismail Alfaqih

General Director and Founder

Has 29 years of experience in field of agriculture and importing & exporting
Responsibility: organizing and
managing the group

Saed Alfaqih

General Manager

Has 22 years of experience in fruits and vegetables sales

Responsibility: sales of fruits and vegetables inside Jordan

Motaz Alfaqih

Salesman and Manager

Has 10 years of experience in field of agriculture and exporting outside Jordan

Responsibility: supervisor on farms and products, contractor

Moayad Alfaqih

Salesman in Kuwait

Has 6 years of experience in fruits and vegetables sales

Responsibility: sales supervisor

Yousef Alkhayyat

Sales Representative

Sales Representative of the group in Germany

Adnan El-Helou

Sales Representative

Representative of the group in Germany

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